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Cross-Cultural Healthcare Case Studies

This unique, interactive self-study program consists of a series of five tutorials in cultural competence, aimed at familiarizing health care providers with common issues that arise while working with people of diverse cultures. Each tutorial includes a home page to introduce the topic and define concepts, a case story to illustrate the topic, a multimedia lecture about the topic, and a series of learning activities to engage the learner in applying the concepts to the case story. These modules were developed collaboratively by the Pediatric Pulmonary Centers nationwide.


  • Core Concepts in Cultural Competence - The case of a hospitalized Romani child explores cultural competence, health beliefs and social factors.
  • Lanesha Johnson - The case of a clinic visit for an African American adolescent with asthma explores social and emotional issues of adherence.
  • Diane Mathis - The case of a community hospital responding to a Somali community explores interpreter services and limited English proficiency related to non-English speaking patients/families
  • Alejandro Flores - The case of a 4 year-old Puerto-Rican boy who has frequent asthma exacerbations explores normative values, folk health and wellness beliefs that may affect medical decision making.
  • Rivka Cohen - The case of 6-year-old Hasidic Jewish girl with cystic fibrosis named Rivka Cohen who is starting school in the fall explores cultural and religious factors that effect medical decision making.

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* A small fee is required when completing modules for continuing education credit

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