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Trainee Capstones & Presentations

Trainees are required to complete a Capstone Project toward the end of their training experience. The Capstone reflects an area of study in which the trainee has had a particular interest. Following are a select sample of Capstones recently presented by UW PPC graduates.

Featured Projects & Products

  • Finding Health Insurance: Navigating the Marketplace for

    Children with Special Healthcare Needs

    Presented by Jennifer Fisher, MSSW

    This booklet is a combination of existing community resources created by Family Voices of Wisconsin,, and the Off to College Transition Booklet.

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  • Off to College: A Guide for Young Adults with Chronic


    Presented by Mary Arbuckle, MSW

    This e-book is a resource guide with college selection considerations, academic accommodation rights and services, student housing options, tips for health care management, encouragement of peer support, financial assistance opportunities, and insurance information to assist students with chronic illness transitioning to college life. This quick guide provides information helpful to both students and parents embarking on this new journey.

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  • The Amish and Healthcare

    Presented by Janet Poff, MSW

    This presentation focuses on helping healthcare professionals understand the lifestyle, beliefs and attitudes of the Amish population. The presentation offers background on the history of the Amish in the US, views of the healthcare system by the Amish, and suggestions for healthcare providers on working with Amish patients and their families.

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  • Cultural Competence While Working with the

    Deaf/Hard of Hearing

    Presented by Jason Marshall Valentine, MSSW

    This presentation focuses on work with the deaf and hard of hearing population. Topics covered include definitions, statistics, interpersonal tips, lip reading, working with interpreters, captioning, UW Hospital services, planning for meetings, and challenges.

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  • Using Effective Communication and Family-Centered

    Strategies to Improve Health Literacy

    Presented by Sarah Berger, MSSW

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During their fellowship, UW PPC Fellows have the opportunity to present at the Pediatrics Department Grand Rounds. Below are links to former UW PPC Fellows' Grand Rounds presentations.

Chronic Cough - Iqbal Rashid, MD

Pulmonary Complications of Sickle Cell Disease - Kelly Cowan, MD


Prepared for Life: A Program for Caregivers of NICU Graduates

Presented by Shawn Wedlund, DNP

This presentation is about understanding the typical developmental trajectories of children born prematurely. It focuses on how to recognize warning signs during early childhood that can reveal underlying physical or intellectual disabilities, recognize the importance of early intervention in addressing delay and disability, and provide comprehensive knowledge on the availability of community resources for children with special health care needs.

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Fatty Acid Status in Infants and Young Children with Cystic Fibrosis

Presented by Lyanne Chin, MS, RD

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A Comparative Analysis of Two MCH Leadership Training Programs in Madison, Wisconsin

Presented by Anne Palmer, DNP

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