Pediatric Tracheostomy and Ventilator Care

About this topic

Welcome to tracheostomy care and changing the tracheostomy tube to maintain the airway.  Maintaining the airway of the child with a tracheostomy requires frequent trach care.    This lesson will discuss and demonstrate the procedures for tracheostomy stoma care and stoma site assessment to recognize and treat common stoma skin conditions.  The purpose of tracheostomy stoma care is to prevent stoma infections and granulation tissue formation by keeping the stoma area clear of secretions. Use of tracheostomy ties is important to hold the tracheostomy tube in place and prevent it from falling out.

This lesson will also review the procedure for performing routine pediatric tracheostomy tube changes and review the equipment that will be needed.   There will also be emphasis upon safety measures that the nurse must be cognizant of while performing tracheostomy care.

Please note that information about cleaning the tracheostomy tube is in Lesson 7 Infection Control. Information about difficulty inserting the tracheostomy tube is in Lesson 9 Emergency Situations.

What you will learn

After you complete this lesson you will be able to do the following:

  • Perform stoma site care and tie changes.
  • Asses the stoma of a child with a tracheostomy.
  • Describe and recognize common stoma skin conditions and their treatments.
  • Perform routine tracheostomy tube change on a child.

Getting the most from this lesson

To learn more from this lesson we recommend that you approach it in the following way:

  • Read through the information on the home page. The concept viewers give you additional information about the underlined terms.
  • The lecture contains the primary content for the lesson.
  • Work through the learning activity to apply the information from the lecture.
  • You will be ready for the quiz after you have completed all components of the lesson.